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Team RFC® Straightline - by Jim Jack
Date Title  
Dec. 2012 The Age of Acceleration
Nov. 2012 I Fooled Around and Fell In Love
Oct. 2012 Searching For A Heart of Gold
Sep. 2012 Willow Creek
Aug. 2012 Promotion...Not Production
July 2012 Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan
June 2012 More Smiles Per Gallon
May 2012 Chase What Matters
April 2012 Every Breath She Takes
March 2012 A Seaside Sermon
Feb. 2012 A Single Sentence  
Jan. 2012 Whose Team Are You On?  
Team RFC® Devotions  


12/17/12 Off Season

Dave Kanofsky

12/10/12 Rest With Me

Linda Chetta

12/03/12 God's Team

Mike Griffith

10/08/12 Somewhere in the Middle

Glenn and Linda Kreider

10/01/12 Messages

Dave Kanofsky

09/24/12 Seasons

Annette Golz

09/17/12 King of Glory

Mike Griffith

09/04/12 Jesus the Preacher

Mike Griffith

08/27/12 Wasted Potential

Sue Kelley

08/20/12 Thoughts on Discipleship

Mike Griffith

08/13/12 Come Out; Come Out Wherever You Are

Billy Bowyer

08/06/12 Trusting These Promises

Carol Rix

07/30/12 Unusual Messengers

Dave Kanofsky

07/23/12 Safety First

Mike Griffith

07/16/12 Communion Isn't Forever

Paul Neighbors

07/09/12 Easy as ABC

Mike Griffith

07/02/12 Gifts To Be Shared

Greg Cybulski

06/25/12 A Door From The One I Adore

Paul Neighbors

06/18/12 Sons of Thunder

Dave Fankhauser

06/11/12 Living a Faithful Christian Life

Terri Roche

06/04/12 I Know The Secret

Mike Griffith

05/28/12 The Lord Works In Mysterious Ways!

Paul Neighbors

05/22/12 Ask Me If I Care

Kim Kanofsky

05/14/12 I Love The Lord Because

Dan Laterza

05/07/12 Christian Hope

Mike Griffith

04/23/12 High Beams

Dave Kanofsky

04/09/12 Leonardo Got It Wrong

Paul Neighbors

04/02/12 Hosanna!

Craig Garland

03/26/12 Following God's Plan

Paul Neighbors

03/19/12 Today I Will Make a Difference

Linda Kreider

03/12/12 David and Goliath

Rocky Folse

03/05/12 Oh, Brother!

Paul Neighbors

02/27/12 God Knows Best!

Paul Neighbors

02/20/12 You're So Vain!

Paul Neighbors

02/13/12 Am I...?

Dave Kanofsky

02/06/12 No Power

Richard Lewis

01/30/12 Road Rage

Richard Lewis

01/23/12 Bald Tires

Richard Lewis

01/16/12 Long on Celebration; Short on Forgiveness

Richard Lewis

01/09/12 Pilot or Co-Pilot?

Paul Neighbors

01/02/12 Something New, Something Old But Called "New"

Paul Neighbors

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